Getting Natural Looking Hair Transplant – A Few Tips

Hair Transplant in Bhubaneswar

One of the primary concerns among people regarding hair transplant is – will it look as natural as it should be? We at Radiance Hair Clinics being in this field for years now understand such concerns well. 

Are you thinking of hair transplant in Bhubaneswar? But have similar concerns! Then you need to understand that several factors are there on which natural looking hair transplant depends. The factors include quality of the procedure, the quality of the donor area and many more. It is obvious that you would not like to be left disappointed after investing a lot on the hair transplant procedure.

That is why; we at Radiance Hair Clinics have brought you some of the best ways to make sure that you get natural looking hair transplant of the highest grade. Have a look –

  • Choose the Right Clinic and Surgeon

The quality of your hair transplant hugely depends upon the quality of procedure undertaken and the surgeon who performs. Many a time to save money people opt for clinics that claim to provide hair transplant at the lowest price! In such clinics mostly the surgeons are either unqualified or less experienced which is why, people do not get desired results and at times the situation worsens!

Therefore, you need to make thorough research on the clinics and their surgeons before choosing them to achieve high quality and natural results from hair transplant. Check the online reviews of their previous patients and the real world testimonials for better understanding of their service and experience.

  • Quality and Condition of Donor Area Must be Checked

Consult with your surgeon if your donor area is of good quality or not as the hair transplant quality depends on that as well. Also, a good and experienced surgeon can advise on the results that you can expect. Keeping the condition of your donor area in mind the surgeon can give you realistic ideas about the outcome.

You need to ask every possible question that strikes your mind regarding the hair transplant to your surgeon during the consultation so that you won’t have any false expectations or anticipations. Although giving the exact answers about the outcome is impossible but you can get basic idea about the process.

  • After-care

After you are done with hair transplant procedure (FUE or FUT), it is your duty to take good care of your newly grown hair. A good after care is essential for achieving the most natural hair transplant result as the new hair will be more delicate than it used to be. Therefore, using the right hair products suggested by your doctor is highly recommended. Avoid using styling products as they might expose your hair to damaging chemicals.

Do you have any other queries regarding hair transplant procedure? Ask our expert surgeon Dr. Satyartha Prakash, an experienced hair specialist doctor. We are a renowned clinic for hair transplant in Bhubaneswar and are a member of ISHRS and AHRS. We take pride in being the first-ever clinic to start FUE and Bio Hair transplant in Odisha.

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