How Much is the Cost of Scalp Micro Pigmentation in Bhubaneswar

The price that you have to pay for having scalp micro pigmentation in Bhubaneswar from us at Radiance Hair Clinics depends on an assortment of factors. The cost of the process may not be the same for everybody. The method of scalp micro pigmentation is a very delicate procedure; however, you can depend on our hair specialists to have the best of results. Our hair specialist carries out the process with caution and has the experience and knowledge to deliver the best of results.

The procedure is very complicated, as well as exhaustive. As humans on average, we have about 100,000 hair follicles on our head. The number varies between different people. It is that blonde-haired person usually has about 150,000 hair follicles while for darker haired people, has between 110,000 to 100,000. If you opt to have scalp micro pigmentation, our hair specialist will have to inject about 1,250 pigments per square inch on your scalp.

If you wish to know the cost of scalp micro pigmentation, then that depends on the following factors.

The area that requires covering 

The cost of micro pigmentation really depends on the area that you desire to have covered. If it is that, there is a requirement for adding crown density instead of covering the full head; the cost is less. The price also depends on the size of your scalp and the quantity of thinning of your hair. The cost will be higher if the area is more significant. The cost of covering the crown will also vary between different people.


The cost also depends on the style that you desire to have. You can select various styles depending on your preference. You can have a discussion with our hair specialist to have recommendations for the style that best suits your look. You can opt for a more faded look while you can go for a more noticeable and sharper look.


Hair density also varies between different persons. Some may have comparatively thicker and fuller hair, while some may have a naturally thin hairline. Therefore, our hair specialist will have to match the treated area entirely with the natural hair. The treatment will have a higher cost for people having naturally fuller hair.

Skin type

There are several different skin types and patients for scalp micro pigmentation can have such. For instance, if the patient has dry and flaky skin, there will be a requirement of more time and care as compared to comparatively normal skin. The same is when the skin is sensitive, older or damaged. Thick skin also requires extra effort, as there is a requirement of extra pressure to penetrate the needles hence slowing down the process. If the skin is thinner, it requires less pressure and time.

Presence of scars

Scars also affect the cost of scalp micro pigmentation. It is because hiding a scar tissue requires more time and effort. There are various ways to deal with scarring. While as a patient, you may request our hair specialists to hide the scars, while many may like to keep it the way it is. Some might like the scar to stay as they think that makes the look even more practical.

The cost may vary, but one thing does not vary when you have scalp micro pigmentation in Bhubaneswar from us, it is the QUALITY. We never compromise on quality. You will have the best of treatment from reputed hair specialist of ours.

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