The Techniques that Help to have Perfect Transplantation Density

The success of hair transplantation depends on the transplantation density. Presently, renowned hair transplant surgeons with us at Radiance Hair Clinics having experience and skill, have the ability to offer high-density hair transplant. They use modern techniques that help to have such a high density of hair during transplantation. They have the ability to determine the sufficient density according to the nature of hair used for transplantation.

What is the natural density and ways to have the same density in your hair transplant?

Depending on some factors, the natural density is between 50 to 90 FU per square centimeter. When you have a hair transplant at our clinic, you can have a result that will enable you to have the density same as that at the donor area. The density does not change with how you comb the hair or the hairstyle you have. Our renowned dermatologist knows that to have such density, it is not necessary to transplant as dense as the donor area. The reason for such is that our eyes notice the difference when there is a dramatic density difference.

It will be easier if we understand it with an example. If a patient has a donor density of 65 to 70 UF per square centimeter, then a transplant density of 45 UF is sufficient. However, if the donor density is 55 UF per centimeter, then a transplant density of 40 is adequate. Our dermatologists take into consideration various aspects of your hair to determine the ideal density. It is wise to have a face-to-face consultation to determine the density, as there needs to be a microscopic analysis done by the dermatologist.

The expected result from such implantation 

Our renowned dermatologists use the best technique as lateral slits to achieve the highest density as up to 70 US per square centimeter. They use custom cut blades to perform the transplant.

The hair transplant surgeon of ours makes small incisions so that a tight implant is possible and the process is dense-packing implantation. They have performed many transplantations of this nature and hence have the knowledge and experience to offer professional implantation. Moreover, they have extensive training at International clinics, letting them know about modern methods and effective use of modern gadgets. They use the best procedures to obtain such high-density hair transplant.

Our experts have the ability to offer such a nature of hair transplant with a bunch of hair follicles put at different places in your scalp. They analyze your hair loss accurately and understand the procedure to follow.

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