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Get Most Realistic Facial Hair Transplant Treatment At Radiance Hair Clinics

Facial Hair Transplant is a highly advanced cosmetic procedure, available at Radiance Hair Clinic, for individuals with less or no hair on the face! It is basically a procedure where hair restoration is done in the parts on the face where the growth of hair is either minimal or completely lost. The team of Radiance Hair Clinics specializes in this treatment and can harvest follicles for your facial hair transplantation treatment.

Why Facial Hair Transplant?

  • The patient takes minimal time to recover from the surgery.
  • Facial hair transplantation is entirely painless and safe.
  • It reduced or eliminates the chances of hair loss in the future.
  • You can shave it like normal, few days after transplantation.
  • It is a permanent cure for people with less hair on their desired facial parts.

You can opt for this treatment to restore hair on the moustache area, goatee, eyebrows, sideburns, cheek beard, and any other facial regions where the hair is required. Plus, this treatment is also ideal for people having visible scars and marks on the face. Through the procedures of facial hair transplantation, you can conceal blemishes, acne, or any other type of facial marks.

Eligibility For Facial Hair Transplantation

Facial hair transplant is highly recommended for people with Male Pattern Hair Loss (MPH) or with less or no hair at required facial regions like eyebrows, bread, moustache, etc. However, patients with alopecia universalis or completely no hair on their entire body are not entitled to this treatment as it won’t be effective for them.

Visit our clinic today, and we’ll guide you about the complete procedure are. If you have any kind of problems or concerns related to facial hair transplant, consult our specialists immediately. Visit our clinic today or call us at 0674 – 2552550 / 9238122550 now!