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Hair Loss In Women And Its Treatment Requires Quality Assessment By Experts

For practical reasons, women are highly concerned about the loss of hair. It seems odd for them to have shedding of hair because social acceptability is usually not seen. It would be good for them to have fuller hair and as soon as clumps of strands come in their combs or palms, they start stressing. Without recognizing the actual reason for hair loss for women, trying out different methods by hearsay or reading in journals can be sometimes harmful or without any beneficial effects. It is therefore important to recognize the right reasons and varieties of hair loss for women.

  • Variety of reasons for hair loss for women which needs to be diagnosed in order to provide the best treatment

Most women suffer from hair loss due to the same reason as men and this kind of issue is known as androgenic alopecia. There is gradual thinning at the part line and this keeps on progressing with age. Then the loss goes into the top of the head, without any frontal baldness, which is seen in men. This therefore determines the type of treatment which would be proper for hair loss for women. Diagnosis of such conditions requires consultation with the doctors, especially the dermatologists. In the hair treatment clinic in Bhubaneswar, this kind of consultation is done for women, where they can come and get the check-ups done in order to determine the exact cause.

Some other causes of hair loss for women can be telogen effluvium, alopecia due to traction, use of oral contraceptives and stress. All of these have been seen to cause hair loss in females. Mostly such causes do not lead to any particular type of pattern and hence there has to be an individualised approach for treatment in every female. Hair care is therefore important to a large extent, if one wants to arrest the fall of hair.

  • Medicinal and cream approaches to regrowth of hair

Medicaments for the hair loss for women can be with minoxidil lotion treatment. This solution is applied locally at the given areas of alopecia which then stimulate the hair follicles by increasing the blood flow. This can therefore help in some growth, but usually there is no complete growth of hair and this method is effective in only a few females. There are many side effects also with this kind of medicine. There is also the spironolactone pills and topical application of tretinoin. Such treatments are not very popular because of unwanted effects seen with females, or when the scalp gets exposed to sunlight. Autologous bio solution or Bio therapy has somewhat been effective in many patients because it works with the idea of providing nutrition from the blood, which can stimulate the follicles. This is safe and effective because the bio solution is taken from the same person and injected into the scalp. It takes some months for the hair to grow back to normal sizes. Although this is an effective and low cost method, but sometimes these hair strands also start falling off, thereby defeating the entire process of Bio therapy. Laser therapy is also being propagated these days for stimulating the follicles and making the hairs grow stronger and thicker. But, without proper regulations by the FDA, this method is not very popularly utilized.

  • Hair transplantation by expert hands the best option available

Hair transplantation in Bhubaneswar is therefore the best that can be provided for the hair loss for women. Although the dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons may try other methods, it would generate the best results if transplantation is carried out. Selecting the patients’ donor and recipient sites on the scalp, the areas are identified and in subsequent sittings the grafting process is carried out. It requires fine expertise in order to identify the right areas for transplantation and the hands to get the individual grafts to be put in properly. As a result, ladies can also get rid of their hair loss problems and get fuller and shinier hair to flaunt as they like.