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Hair Loss Treatment In Bhubaneswar For Men Possible With Wide Variations

For the restoration of hair on the scalp, men are quite worried. If you are having the problem of hair loss, it would be an advantage to know that hair treatment clinic in Bhubaneswar is offering wide number of options. There are different ways in which the scalp can look full of hair as in the youthful days. Since this is a big concern for lots of men nowadays, they look out for ways to get the right and best type of hair treatment in Bhubaneswar. It also helps that such treatments are being carried out by the top rated dermatological and cosmetic surgeons in the city. But, before the specific type of treatment is started, it is important for people to know that proper assessment is necessary to get the optimum results.

  • Assessing the suitability for hair loss treatment for men needs to be the best for successful implantation

If you are looking for successful hair treatment in Bhubaneswar, you need to visit the Radiance Clinic in the city and go for consultation with the trained doctors and support staff. During such consultation, the need for hair transplant is assessed. This is done because everyone with balding patches might not require transplant. Otherwise, they may not be suitable candidates for the procedures. This can happen if there is lack of healthy hair at the donor site or there are incumbent infections in the transplant site. If these are the cases, men would not be recommended to go for transplant. Also, necessary treatments are provided by the dermatologists to get rid of the problems. Graft sites also determine the number of hairs and the type of transplant procedures which are to be carried out. All these factors can be properly taken into account if the patients present for an initial check up and assessment, thereby establishing the success rate.

  • Different modalities in hair transplant available with our clinic for optimum results for our patients

To help men get rid of their baldness problem, transplantation of hair may be a bright option. After ensuring that a person is the right candidate for such procedures, few sittings are recommended, which again depends on the type of transplantation. There are actually punch grafting, micro grafts, slit grafts, mini-grafts and strip grafts. All of these features are able to pick hairs in varying numbers from donor sites and put these on to the recipient site. While each has its own advantages, the presently preferred modality is the FUE technique. In follicular unit extraction method, single strands are picked up along with the roots and implanted in the donor sites. This is highly effective method for hair loss treatment for men with very little chance of failure. Even though it is time taking, many hundreds of hairs can be put down at the recipient site in one sitting. So, depending on the type of treatment required by you, we will provide the hair loss treatment in Bhubaneswar, which can also be influenced by the suitability of the receptor sites.

At Radiance Clinic, it has been possible to provide the best facilities to our patients because we undertake a thorough assessment of the patients. Depending on their requirements and the suitability, the hair treatment in Bhubaneswar is provided. This not only amounts to best hair loss treatment for people but also makes our hair treatment clinic in Bhubaneswar the best among the best in the country.