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Encouraging Medical Tourism With Hair Transplant Features

India has easily come up as a major destination in the spectrum of medical tourism, primarily because of certain advantages.

  • Surgery techniques and procedures are quite comparable to the world’s most advanced centres.
  • At low and affordable costs of surgery, India maintains the highest level of success and quality.
  • Well known Indian doctors at different parts of the world help in adding to their fame.

In the field of hair transplantation in India, Radiance Hair Clinics in Bhubaneswar has proved to be the pioneer centre for different methods. Offering services of cosmetic surgery, aesthetic dermatology, and treatments for hair and dentistry, we have varied facilities in the same centre. Radiance has now become the front runner in promoting medical tourism to Odisha for patients from many foreign countries, who want to visit and see the state and get hair problems sorted out at our centre.

In hair transplantation procedure, the patients are required to attend our clinic for day care treatment and there is no hospitalisation involved. For most of our patients, there is therefore enough time to go for sightseeing and visit tourism destination. They can keep the precautions in mind and then enjoy their time in Bhubaneswar and Odisha. Besides, our centre has received the ISO 9001:2008 certification, for which our quality is quite superior.

  • History of Odisha and sightseeing

It was from the era of 2000 BC that Odisha’s history can be traced, with various historically important monuments in places like Lingaraj Temple, Sisupalgarh, world heritage site Sun Temple or Konark Temple, Jagannath Temple in Puri, Mukteswar Temple, Rajarani and 64 yogini shrine. Archeologically important sites are found in Udaygiri, Ratnagiri and Lalitgiri, where a number of tourists visit on a daily basis. These are also well known Buddhist sites. Odisha’s coastline extends to about 500 km length, with various beaches and natural water lake Chilika dotting these areas. Chilika Lake has been a well known centre for bird viewing as well as Irawaddy Dolphin. Beaches of Puri, Chandipur, Gopalpur, Chandrabhaga and waterfalls of Badaghagra, Joranda, Khandadhar are some of the common places of scenic beauty found in Odisha with hot water springs of Atri, Taptapani, Deulajhari and Tarabalo.

  • Notable locations around /li>

Rambha Bay is found towards the southern side of the Chilika Lake, where some other islands are also found.

Becon Island is the name given to the large mass of rock, nearby the Ghantasila Hill, where a conical architectural pillar has been put for setting up light on the top.

There are other islands like Breakfast Island with bungalow, Honeymoon Island, Birds’ Island, Somolo and Dumkudi islands near to each other.
Parikud is a group of islands providing avian views.

Kalijai is another famous island with temple of goddess.

Satpada village is the place where beautiful views of the dolphins can be seen.

Deity temples nearby are Nabagraha, Barunkuda, Chourbar Shiva Temple, along with Sand Bar and Mouth of the Lake are stretches of beaches along the sea.
Simlipal Tiger Reserve is a block of plateau with natural park and animal population in Mayurbhanj.

We can arrange the travel to all these destinations when you prefer to get hair transplant or cosmetic solutions from Radiance.