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Can We Try Hair Loss Treatment With Medical Therapies Rather Than Opting For Surgical Fix

Various types of treatment for hair loss are being tried by people, because they are dissatisfied by their appearance after hair loss. Although male pattern baldness is quite common in men, there are other reasons also. Females are seen to be having hair fall due to androgenic hormones and sometimes due to pattern baldness having genetic causes. So, if people were to treat their hair fall then the medical treatments would have to target the cause of hair fall. In this perspective, there can be wide variety of medical treatment options in front of people, although the success may vary from person to person and from procedure to procedure.

  • One of the very popular means of medical treatment is use of minoxidil which is a solution for increasing the blood flow under the scalp, thereby providing more nutrients for the growth of follicles. Use of minoxidil couldn’t take off because it did not produce uniform effects in all subjects. Moreover, there is a delayed action sometimes taking more than 12 weeks of continuous use of the drug. Primarily a drug for decreasing the blood pressure in the body, it is approved for hair fall conditions as a means of medical management.
  • Another drug that is prescribed by some doctors, especially for women above menopausal age, because it can inhibit the androgenic hair loss. Spironolactone is also prescribed for female hair loss, but with care and proper followup. It would be right to take these drugs with consultation of doctors.
  • Laser therapy is another important modality of medical treatment because it works by focusing the laser beams to stimulate hair follicles. This is also done under guidance of hair specialists or dermatologists because the proper exposure to the laser beams can produce the right results. Beams can be focussed with various instruments such as combs, brushes and hand held devices, with regular movement over the scalp where the hair is to be grown. These are rather known as medical devices for hair growth.
  • Causative therapies involve use of antifungal creams, lotions or even shampoos to remove fungal growth and formation of dandruff. In many young men and women, this can be a common cause of hair fall and the medical treatment is also quite simple. Quite significantly, this kind of approach is helpful in stopping hair loss and then the hair growth becomes normal. But, these antifungal therapies have to be continued for a long time. To control inflammatory causes of alopecia, sometimes corticosteroids are given to people, with proper instructions of use and side effects.
  • Autologous bio solution or Bio therapy is another popular means of medical treatment for hair loss. In this kind of treatment, the Bio therapy serum is applied locally at the site of alopecia or hair loss and the follicles are stimulated. This is quite popular because of the reason for its success and lower cost of application.
  • Mesotherapy is another very popular means of hair regrowth formula. In this procedure, multiple injections are given on the scalp. These injections contain plenty of vitamins, mineral, coenzymes, hyaluronidase to help the entry of these ingredients into the scalp. The technique of mesotherapy has become a known method of hair transplant, but its effectiveness is not seen in all individuals. Even its success rate is not very high, due to which some people do not want to take chances with this kind of medical treatment.

For the purpose of regrowth of hair from alopecia regions, there are many medical treatments. It will depend on the preferences of people to take these up and the costs associated with it. People will have to understand the pros and cons of all procedures and at decide the right ones to get back their fuller hair in the long run. Consulting with dermatologists and comestologists can be fruitful in reaching a decision towards having regrowth of hair.