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How Does Give High Hopes For Regrowth Of Hair And Solutions From Hair Fall

Whenever people have hair fall, they try out variety of methods available in the market or referred by someone. Due to this, many products can be found being used by people but many of these are without any concrete evidence of improvement. But, medically there are some treatment options, which can be tried by people with hair loss and mesotherapy is one of them. This is a process in which certain fluids rich in ingredients are injected into the scalp as a result of which there is growth of hair follicles and hair strands. While some dermatologists do carry out this procedure for hair fall, surgical treatment still remains the mainstay of solution for baldness. Therefore, mesotherapy becomes one of the medical treatments along with a slew of other options for people, who want to grow back their hair.

  • Minimally invasive procedure for good results on skin and scalp

First and foremost aspect to understand the success in mesotherapy is that there should be hair follicles inside the scalp. The idea in this kind of therapy is to provide enough nutrients, so as to make the hair cells grow and get nourishment. It is thereby a minimally invasive procedure, where the injection is put inside the mesodermal layer of the skin. The nutrients thus injected have the capability to nourish and rejuvenate the skin and help with the increased synthesis of collagen as well as elastin, both components having a role in elasticity of the skin.

Methodology of action of mesotherapy

Since highly active and rich nutrients are injected into the skin through such a procedure of mesotherapy, it helps in providing shine and smoothness of the wrinkled skin. Dull skin becomes healthy and looks good from the outside and highly nutritive inside. Sluggish circulation is improved and thereby increases the probability of boosting hair growth. It helps in flushing out toxins from the body. The solution injected into the skin helps in pigmentation problems as well as in acne treatment and scar removal.

  • Components of the fluid being injected in mesotherapy

Ingredients of the fluid injected in case of mesotherapy include hyaluronidase. This enzymatic fluid is meant to dissolute the collagen so as to help in wider distribution of the various vitamins, minerals, amino acids, coenzymes, and few reducing agents present in the fluid. Along with mesotherapy, there is simultaneous exposure to red and yellow light as in case of curative action. Due to this curative action, it is possible to reduce inflammation, lower chances of scarring and speed up healing process.

  • Process of mesotherapy not at all irritating and requires frequent sessions for long term effects

Before the process of injection, the scalp skin is applied with certain soothing agent which also works for numbing effect. This is helpful in bearing the pain of injection, even though the needle used is quite small and goes in and out very quickly. In expert hands, the entire process looks effortless and leaves no marks on the face or scalp. In the long run, hair growth is possible if the follicles are functioning as the mesotherapy is aimed at giving a boost to the hair growth with proper follicles. Time taken for the procedure to get completed would be within an hour, which is good enough for people to be patient and the results are actually quite encouraging. The procedure is done every two weeks for 6-8 sessions and maintenance is done once or twice a year for the glowing look and productive results.