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Medical technology advancements and continued researches in various fields have helped people find best solutions for different types of medical conditions. Regrowth of hair in bald areas of the scalp is nowadays becoming possible due to such advancements. This is a concept that was almost unthinkable a few decades back, but is being frequently done by hair doctor in Bhubaneswar. People are not only becoming aware about the best hair specialist in Bhubaneswar, but they are actively visiting these clinics for hair transplant in Bhubaneswar. This kind of trend is fast setting in, in the modern day scenario, where artificial hair grafting or artificial means are being adopted to get back fuller hair and reduce the receding hairline. So, there is a big demand for hair plantation in Bhubaneswar because it provides good results and the testimony is in the huge turnout of patients at the Radiance Hair Clinics in Bhubaneswar.

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Hair Transplant at Radiance,  Natural and permanent, Single day procedure , No hospital stay require and Painless Procedure.


Bringing in the best surgical and medical solutions for cosmetic and aesthetic looks with hair transplantation, we have started the Radiance Hair Clinics.

Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is one of the revolutionary methods of hair transplantation in the modern day scenario, having been introduced in the year 2002.

Hair Transplant

Bringing in the best surgical and medical solutions for cosmetic and aesthetic looks with hair transplantation, we have started the Radiance Hair Clinics.

Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE is one of the revolutionary methods of hair transplantation in the modern day scenario, having been introduced in the year 2002.

Bio Hair Transplant

Keeping and maintaining the hair strands during the process of transplantation is the primary premise of this particular procedure. Lots of developments have been made ever since the follicular extraction methods have been brought into the picture. At Radiance, we practise the best and latest in hair transplant surgeries for patients who opt for this and bio hair transplant is the latest update in the hair transplantation procedure.

Body Hair Transplant

Effective transplantation of hair on the scalp can be done with quality hair acquired from the back of head. While this is the most common way of finding suitable hairs to pick up and put in the balding patches, there can be alternative ways to get the hairs. Ideally, the back of the head donor site is suitable because the areas are not affected by testosterone hormone and therefore does not show hair fall. Thick bushy hair along this region, should be taken out carefully in different modes, such as in form of strips or individual hair follicles. After getting the hair transplant ready, the recipient sites are then cured to receive the implants.

Mustache Hair Transplant

Some men are interested to keep thick and busy moustache as well as beard. This is considered as a matter of pride in some communities, while few customs require these appendages. People may experience hair loss from the face or there may be scarring from injuries, which would be a difficult aspect. There might be disease causing alopecia from the beard region or the upper lip moustache.


Whenever we look at someone, the eyebrows of that person are the first facial structures that are marked. Because of this reason, any change in the eyebrow can be immediately recognized and there is some abnormality with the symmetry of the face. In fact, for most people, the eyebrows become the primary structure to impart a facial symmetry and it is necessary to have proper eyebrow styling.

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Variety of hair treatments being offered by Radiance becomes the hallmark of this centre for hair transplant in Bhubaneswar. When people arrive in this place, they have the best resources to be assessed and then prescribed the most appropriate treatment. Hair fall or loss of hair from the body can occur from different areas like the scalp, eyebrows, moustache, beard and body hair. Most people arrive here when they have scalp hair fall, because it provides a smart look to have full grown hair. So, whenever there is hair loss, people try to get back hair through various means, by visiting the hair specialist in Bhubaneswar. There are medical methods as well as surgical means of getting back hair. The best plan can be devised by the hair doctor in Bhubaneswar after going through different assessment protocols.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The principle is simple; the genetic makeup of the hair around the sides and the back are immune from the male pattern baldness gene. This enables the hairs to be moved to an area of thinning and they keep their natural characteristics and continue to grow.

This is dependent on the procedure and the amount of grafts placed; normally it takes around 5-6 hours to complete the procedure. If more number grafts needs to be placed, consecutive days of surgery are usually planned.

With the advancements of technology, skills and medicine today, hair transplant surgery is surely less painful than it was in earlier times when larger sections of scalp were excised. The hair transplant is considered a minor surgical procedure performed with a mild sedative to calm any nerves and under a local anesthetic. Although you are conscious throughout, a few people find they sleep through large parts of the procedure.

There is not a simple answer to this question; each technique has its’ merits and its’ down falls; that is why education is vital to evaluate which procedure is going to be best suited to the individual goals, hair loss stage and long term happiness.

The easy answer is no; the genetic properties in the follicle must match those of the recipient. Research commissioned in to the potential of donor transfer is there, but it is in the very early stages.

  • The use of body Hair FUE is a newer form of H/T; and should only as a last resort on patients’ whose scalp donor has suffered so much trauma that there is little hair to take. BH can be taken from the back, chest arms and legs. It holds different characteristics to scalp hair and the patient must be extensively educated before this is even considered.
  • It is BHR Policy to not rush into very large Body Hair procedures, we have found smaller operations and slightly spread yield the best long term results.

The potential number of grafts on an average scalp that can be moved can be in excess of 8000; and this is not possible or ethically wise to do in one procedure. Therefore, more procedures can be carried out at a later date if the person loses more existing hair or wishes more coverage. Donor management allows the sensible and ethical distribution of hair to gain the maximum result for the patient.

Factors such as age, Norwood Class and progression of hair loss will help to answer this question; but in most cases a person will certainly undergo more than one procedure; even if there may be many years in between each.

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