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Must-Know Pre Surgery Instruction For Hair Transplant

If you are opting for a hair transplant surgery to get rid of your baldness and get back your natural hair; then the following instructions should always be carefully followed    before    the hair transplant     surgery. If you’re unclear or unsure    about any of the lessons, please feel free to contact the specialists at Radiance Hair Clinics – the best clinic for hair transplant and scalp treatments in Bhubaneswar.

Always remember that the surgery procedure will take an entire day. So always plan to stay at our IRC Village-based clinic all day. We also advise the patients to attend our specific, pre-operative appointment program with our specialists prior to surgery so that they can get to know everything about the surgery!

  1. Designing & planning of surgery
  2. Determining the amount of grafts
  3. Evaluation of the donor hair
  4. Medical requirements and assessment

Precautions To Be Taken A Week Before Surgery  

  • Refrain from alcohol, smoking, and other nicotine products a week before your surgery
  • The patient needs to stay calm and relaxed so that blood pressure level will be normal
  • Avoid using Rogaine items
  • Before 3-7 days of hair transplant; avoid doing any kind of exercises or any physically tough tasks
  • Also, don’t consume some specific type of medicines including aspirin, vitamin E, gingko biloba, anti-inflammatory medications, or any other multivitamin supplements which contain vitamin E.

Precautions To Take Before One-Day Of Surgery

  • Before the day of surgery, you need to have a good night sleep and refrain from taking any kind of vitamin supplements.
  • You should have a full stomach always before the operation
  • Make sure to wash your hair with medicated shampoo or any other mild shampoo, recommended by our specialist
  • Stay relaxed and calm on the day of surgery to avoid any exigency with your blood pressure level