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Can PRP Hair Treatment Clinic In Bhubaneswar Provide An Alternative Hair Loss Cure

Various modalities of hair loss treatment have been practiced in the modern medicine era. Surgical transplantation is one of the best ways to regrow hair on the balding patches. At the same time, there are also other modalities which are being used by doctors such as the PRP hair treatment. PRP is the abbreviated form of platelet rich bio solution. Besides, PRP, there are lots of drugs which are being used for hair loss treatment, such as minoxidil and some hormones. While the drugs and hormones may help in regrowth of the hair strands, these are not highly effective as has been observed in patients and through studies. Besides hair transplantation, one of the popular means is the PRP hair treatment, which has gained popularity in the recent times. People are getting aware about such a possibility and asking questions about what is PRP hair treatment. At the same time, they also put forth queries about PRP hair treatment cost. So, a visit to the PRP hair treatment clinic in Bhubaneswar would be the ideal way to learn more about this process of hair growth and get the best solutions from experts.

  • Source and use of bio solution for this particular procedure

Primarily, platelet rich bio solution is derived from the blood of the same person in whom the transplant is to be done. This assures that there is no side effect in such types of therapies especially arising out of the bio solution being injected into the scalp. Moreover, the process of separating the bio solution from the blood is also quite easy. This goes on to suggest that if people are interested for such type of hair treatment, they can easily get this and even the PRP hair treatment cost is quite low in comparison to the FUE transplant process. It is also important to know that platelets are rich in growth factors, which will help in providing impetus for the strands to grow. When injected into the scalp and with better hands, these are supposed to be quite effective methods.

  • Process of Platelet Rich bio solution treatment

Prior to the injection of the bio solution, it has to be extracted in the right process to be viable for hair growth. This happens by drawing the venous blood from the person and putting this in centrifuge. By the rapid centrifugation, different cells of the blood are arranged in different layers and bio solution is separated into another layer. It is then drawn with a syringe for injection into the scalp area.

Even the process of injection into the scalp needs expert hands and the knowledge of the best procedures. In the PRP for hair loss cost, this kind of treatment is completely worth the money and time. Although the time required for this kind of treatment may differ from person to person, it is actually cheaper. The results are somewhat good, provided the patient responds to the therapy and the process has been undertaken with care. Especially the PRP hair treatment requires the bio solution to be injected into the scalp at short distances, so as to cover a number of hair follicles.

  • After-care of PRP therapy important to understand and follow

It is the after care of PRP hair treatment which holds importance. Directions provided by the dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon should be followed strictly. There should not be any pulling of the hair or washing for at least a couple of days. Any type of itching or pain or redness on the scalp should be immediately reported to the treatment doctor without resorting to local or self medications. Using cool ice on the scalp after the process can help in reducing the pain and inflammatory signs on the head. The process usually taken an hour or two to be over, but people need to visit the clinic every three monthly and then 6 monthly for booster doses. Even when people know what is PRP hair treatment, they should not try to manipulate things on their own. It is best to seek advice from the experts and get the best guidance and treatment from PRP hair treatment clinic in Bhubaneswar.