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What Is Hair Transplant And What People Need To Know For Opting For This Procedure

Fall of hair can occur from the scalp as well as other areas of the body, such as face, chest and pubic region. Such an issue can be resolved by putting in hair follicles from one part of the body at the site where fall has occurred. This is known as hair transplant and is a surgical procedure in which good quality hair from donor areas are implanted at the sites where hair fall has occurred, known as the recipient site. Although this is a recent development, still people are opting for this procedure because of the many advantages it provides.

  • Reading, checking out prior patients and various means to know do hair transplants really work

With the help of hair transplant, there has been successful growth of new hair strands and people have got fuller hair. If people are doubtful about do hair transplants really work, they should check out the sites and visit clinics or chat up with members of forums in the online media. Sometimes people can ascertain such a change in their acquaintances and relatives who have undergone such hair transplant. They can also know from such experiences that what is hair transplant. This can be known from various papers, journals and online sites which have information regarding the procedures of hair transplant.

  • Two important methods of transplanting hair at the balding or hair loss areas

While transplantation is most commonly done on the scalp, hair can be implanted in various other places. But, the procedures for all the areas of the body remain the same, as far as what is hair transplant concerned. The surgeons or dermatologists or cosmetologists have the skill to cut out follicles from a given area with good quality hair and put it in the scalp where there is baldness. The finesse with which such procedures are done actually counts for the successful regrowth of hair. Nowadays, this is being done with help of robotic surgery, thereby improving the efficiency and reducing the total time for the procedures. Basically, there are presently two types of hair transplant procedures. The older one is where strips of scalp are cut out with hair on them and these are put in the balding areas. These strips are very thin and hence do not leave significant deficiency or break in the areas from which these are cut out. This process is known as follicular unit transplantation or FUT. The more advanced and finer method of what is hair transplant is seen in the process of FUE or follicular unit extraction. This is slightly more difficult and time consuming process, but provides a positive answer to do hair transplants really work. This latter procedure involves plucking individual hair follicles and putting it in the recipient area, gradually filling up the required area for transplantation. Such a procedure can be done over a few sittings and patients require visiting over a few weeks. But the results of such transplantation can be quite encouraging and makes people interested to undergo such procedures.

But, as far as cost analysis is done, people have to realise that the more difficult and time consuming process would be costlier. For this reason, the FUE is higher costing than the FUT or any other method utilised to regrow hair. For more information the hair transplant clinic in Bhubaneswar can be quite enlightening. The staff and doctors in these clinics provide the right information for people to process and decide about the procedures and timing.